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PetDT was founded by Jacquelyn Kennedy, a dog lover and pet admirer. She built the website to provide pet owners with information, experiences, and opinions on breeds, temperament, personalities, health, nutrition, products, and care.

Jacquelyn Kennedy
Hi! It’s me Jacquelyn Kennedy!

Nurturing and raising a pet is an unbelievably rewarding journey which creates a bond of a lifetime. Along this journey, expect tons of fun and hours of joy. But also plan for challenges and problems along the way. PetDT is here to help owners navigate this winding path of the good, bad, and sometimes unknown, and to give insight and knowledge.


As our companions, best friends, and family members, pets should receive the love, care, and attention they deserve. Pet owners are not alone in tackling issues and figuring out problems together. The community behind PetDT brings together a range of experiences to provide support and answers to questions and provide the most up to date information.

Your passion for pets is ours, let’s learn and grow together.

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