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How Many Lives Do Dogs Have?

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Everyone has heard about the saying that surrounds cats having nine lives, but does the same apply to dogs? If a cat is thought to have nine lives, then surely it is possible for a dog to have nine lives too. There are mixed beliefs and opinions when it comes to the number of lives that our beloved pets have, and this is something we are going to explore in this article.

We are sure that everyone would like to believe that our dogs are always with us, or that they get to go and be with their other furry pals after their deaths, but there really is no way of knowing. It all depends on your own beliefs, but anything could be possible.

There are even some people that would swear that they have seen, heard, or felt the presence of their dog once they have died, but is this a figment of imagination or a factual occurrence? We are going to be looking at the legend of cats having nine lives, and whether this applies to dogs in this article. We might not be able to give you a definitive answer to your questions, but we can explain the theory behind it.

How many lives do dogs have

How Many Lives Do Dogs Have?

We are sure that all dog owners would like to believe that dogs have more than one life, but based on science, it is known that dogs only have one life. There is no evidence to suggest that dogs have more lives than one, let alone nine. However, that does not mean that there are not people that would argue otherwise.

There are lots of people that would believe that dogs have more than one life, and maybe even nine lives like the saying about cats would suggest. There are also other people that would say that their dog has had many lucky escapes, perhaps taking from the supply of lives that they have stocked up. Although, many others would say that this was pure luck, and that it had nothing to do with their number of lives.

There are different beliefs, cultures, and religions around the world that would suggest that dogs have more than one life, and some say that they can be reincarnated. This is something that is really interesting to consider, even if this is something that you don’t believe in yourself. This is something that we are going to look at throughout this article.

Where Does the Nine Lives Saying Come From?

Nobody loved cats more than the ancient Egyptians, who adored and even worshiped cats many years ago. One of the common myths that dates back to around this time is that the sun god, Ra, who took the shape of the Tomcat during his visits to the underworld, engendered eight other gods, which is a representation of nine lives for one person. This is where the saying about cats having nine lives originates from.

The number nine actually has great significance in many different cultures, and in Christianity and Hinduism, the number nine actually represents divine completeness. In Chinese culture, the number nine is a lucky number, and in Norse mythology, it is thought that the universe is divided into nine worlds. Finally, in Greek mythology, there are nine muses, so the number nine is something that comes up a lot.

However, nine is not the only number of importance, and in other regions cats are said to have different numbers of lives. On Spanish-speaking regions, cats are thought to have seven lives, and Turkish and Arabic legends would suggest that cats have six lives.

Do Dogs Have Ghosts?

It is impossible to know for sure if dogs really do have ghosts, but there are lots of people that have stated that their pets are watching over them. This is a comforting thought that many would love to hold on to, especially if they are grieving for a dog that has recently passed away.

Some also believe that your dog’s ghost will pay you a final visit before they move on to their next life.

What Happens to Dogs When They Die?

Again, this is a question that is difficult to answer, and it depends on what you believe in. There are some that claim to have seen, heard, or felt the presence of their dog in the afterlife, and there are others that believe that your dog will be reincarnated upon their death.

There are lots of beliefs and opinions on this subject.

Do Dogs Have Nine Lives?

As far as we know, dogs do not have more than nine lives, and according to science, they only have one. However, according to religion, faith, and culture, dogs can have many lives, as well as other animals and even people in some cases. There really is no way to know for sure, and we can only speculate when it comes to this issue. Unfortunately, it is likely that we will never have any answers to this question.

We are going to go into detail about some of the other beliefs surrounding dogs and their number of lives below. You never know, maybe you might even change your mind about what you think happens when your dog passes on.

Can My Dog Be Reincarnated?

How many lives do dogs have1

While there is no concrete proof of this when it comes to science, there are many religious or spiritual beliefs that would suggest that dogs have more than one life, or that they can be reincarnated upon their deaths. This is something that we are sure many people would love to believe in, but there are already many that do.

You don’t even have to be spiritual or religious to believe this, perhaps it is simply a thought that gives you comfort or a feeling that you have to suggest that this is true. Either way, it is a lovely thought to consider. Even if you don’t believe that reincarnation is the case, it is fascinating to learn about.

We are going to explain more about reincarnation in Buddhism and Hinduism below, to give you a better understanding of what it all means.

The Reincarnation of Dogs in Buddhism

There is a Buddhist belief that would suggest that animals can be reincarnated, and Buddhists believe that dogs can be reincarnated as part of the samsara life and death cycle. It is even thought that it is possible for a dog to be reincarnated as a human.

Their pets are given full funeral rites, which includes prayers and forgiveness, a blessing from a monk, and the filling of a coffin with fake golds and tickets to the next life. They will also be cremated, and Buddhists believe that this will give them a higher chance of returning to this world in a higher form.

There are some suggestions that this is something that can happen indefinitely, and an animal will continue to reincarnate after their lives. If you believe this is true, then it could be argued that dogs can have many lives, regardless of what science has to say about the subject. This is something that is really interesting and beautiful to consider.

The Reincarnation of Dogs in Hinduism

There are some Hindu beliefs that are quite similar in nature to the Buddhism beliefs, and many Hindus believe in the possibility of dogs having more than one life. Hinduism also supports the belief in a type of reincarnation, and Hindus believe that animals have souls. However, there are Hindus that believe that animal souls evolve into the human plane during the process of reincarnation.

This would suggest that animals are part of the same life to death to rebirth cycle as humans, but they would eventually leave their animal bodies and their souls would enter a human body. This would allow for them to be closer to God.


There are many different beliefs and opinions about whether or not dogs have more than one life, and there is no way for certain to give a definite answer on the subject. It all depends on your personal beliefs and opinions, but there are certainly people that would suggest that dogs do have more than one life, or that they can be reincarnated after they have passed on.

There is no scientific evidence to suggest that dogs have multiple lives, but you shouldn’t let this stop you if this is something that you believe in.

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